The Science of Developing   High ROI Marketing Content

Do you have a great team of sales experts, but you are concerned that the tools you provided them are somewhat lacking?  Perhaps you have un-engaging customer presentations ? 

December 6, 2016
Eric B, President, Healthcare Software

Power Content

​Compelling Marketing Content that Helps to Increase Sales

Have you implemented marketing automation, but see limited results? Blogging and social media taking too much effort with too little ROI? 
​Better content could help ...


Sales Enablement

Sales Team Support helps your business increase sales by applying an award-winning scientific methodology to the analyze your sales and marketing funnels, as well as the customer's buying journey.

From our analysis we develop powerful insights on your current performance and discover new ways to help your team develop more compelling content. 

These techniques have been developed over 20+ years of sales, marketing and management roles at start-ups as well as industry titans such as HP and Samsung.

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Testimonial From Our Case Study Service

"Our marketing resources struggle to keep up with our software company's rapid growth and ever-changing selling climate. In a short period of time, Michael Dodgson has guided us through his process to ensure our messaging is on point and our marketing/demand generation strategy is focused and scalable. I highly recommend him!"
​Increase Sales with Compelling Content